The 2016 Schedule K-1 tax forms should be available by approximately the second week of March.  Please continue to check the website for updates on the availability date. 

Please Note:  In order to download 2016 K1 tax forms, user names and passwords created during the 2015 tax season will be needed to gain access to your K1.  If you have not registered you may do so using the PIN number printed on your 2015 K1. 
Register and Download your 2015 Schedule K-1

If you are having trouble registering or using your username and password, please email

For your convenience, below are some troubleshooting tips/best practices on the new registration process:

  1. Make sure you select the Non SSN/EIN/Partner ID Box
  2. Please make sure that all Partner IDs are the EIN/SSN from the investor’s K-1. This should not include hyphenation.
  3. The PIN number is case sensitive and should not contain any extra spaces or characters.
  4. After any failed attempts to register, please close out of the internet session before re-submitting your information.

To obtain past copies of Schedule K-1 forms, please contact the General Partner at 800-283-2357.
If you are a registered holder and need account information, please contact our transfer agent at 888-991-9902.
Download your 2015 K-1 Instructions